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Hazardous Areas

WIRAC Automation offers a range of hazardous area equipment to ATEX and American Standards. We can supply fully certified enclosures, glands, lighting and consumables to customer specification.


Please review the examples below to see some of the ranges we cover and contact us if you wish to discuss in further detail.


Form of protection and definition Example of enclosure Area of use Designation Standard
European American

• EEx d

Flameproof enclosure, an enclosure used to house electrical equipment, which when subjected to an internal explosion will not ignite a surrounding explosive atmosphere.

Picture2 Zone 1 & 2 Class 1 Division 1 &2

• EEx e

Increased Safety, this equipment is so designed as to eliminate sparks and hot surfaces capable of igniting an explosive atmosphere.

Picture2 Zone 1 & 2 n/a

• EExi a

Intrinisc Safety, A technique whereby electrical energyis limited such that any asparks or heat generated by electrical equipment is suffucuently low as to not ignite an explosive atmosphere.

Picture2 Zone 0, 1 & 2 Class 1 Division 1 &2

• EEx p

Purged and Pressurised, electrical equipment is housed in an enclosure which is initially purged to remove any explosive mixture, then pressurised to prevent ingree of the surrounding atmosphere prior to energisation.

Picture2 Zone 1 & 2 Class 1 Division 1 &2



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