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Process Control

WIRAC Automation can provide full process control using revolutionary new software.
The software controls all the process logic and also provides a visualisation that is displayed on a colour graphic touch screen. This is a very cost effective solution for many process control applications. The touch screen provides control as well as alarm and status information.


















What is Process Control?


Process control is a statistics and engineering discipline that deals with architectures, mechanisms, and algorithms for controlling the output of a specific process. The most commonly used device is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Wirac Automation have over the years used virtually every different manufacturers range of PLC's and this has created an unrivalled knowledge.


Typical Applications


Process control (temperature, flow, pressure, level and sequence logic)
Oven Control
Machine Automation
PID Closed Loop Control


CodeSys Partners


As well as having the capability to utilise all leading PLC's, Wirac automation are also proud partner of CodeSys. The software created using CodeSys is a powerfull controller (PLC) programming tool that complies with the IEC61131-3 standard.

Programs can be written in any of the standard programming languages.


What can CodeSys do


The software also allows simulation and generation of visualisation (HMI screens) that can be accessed via the internet or displayed on HMI screens.


CodeSys is funded by the sale of controller hardware. The development software can be downloaded free and your program developed and simulated. Targets can then be added to the software to download the program to a PLC as required


Wirac can supply training for the CodeSys system if required.


For examples of previous projects using some of the PLC's mentioned above please see our projects page.



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