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Coal Unloading System

hopper Conveyor 2 conveyor 1 - North Conveyor 1 - South Control Room
Conveyor 2
Conveyor 1 - North
Conveyor 1 - South
Control Room


The Port of Tyne coal unloading system using fifteen Wago ethernet PLC units linked by cable, fibre optic and wireless networks. This fully automatic system is controlled from a central computer using CITECT SCADA system with repeat control screens in two cranes. All PLC's programmed using CodeSys linked via network variables.


Hydraulic Manifold

Installed Frame EExe Enclosures EExd PLC Enclosure Completed Frame Manual Controls
EExd Panels
EExe Enclosures
EExd PLC Enclosure
EExd EExe Panels
Manual Controls


Anson hydraulic manifold control system a c ombination of EExd control panel with PLC and EExe junction box for terminals. The system is linked to a Ex touchscreen for operator contrl and status information.



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